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Faith In Action

Faith and Action

Mission and Service

The work of the United Church of Canada across the country and around the world is funded by the Mission and Service. Supporters of the United Church know it takes money to put their faith into action.

Mission and Service combine their gifts so work of the church can be done effectively.

Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Canadian Foodgrans Bank logo– supported by an interdenominational group of churches

Our project for the Canadian Food Grains Bank consists of two small plots of land, which we use rent free, where we grow a crop of either wheat, soybeans or corn. The crop is sold and the proceeds are forwarded to the Canadian Food Grains Bank Head office in Winnipeg. The Canadian Government matches the funds that are donated 4 to 1. The money is then used to buy the appropriate food for the culture of the country in need. The Canadian Food Grains Bank also participates in projects to teach people how to produce their own food. Most of the inputs and work required are donated. Other cash donations are greatly appreciated.

Messy Church

Messy church is community in action. We gather to share a song or two, hear a bible story, have some craft time and share a meal with a casual and welcoming space for all ages. Held about 6-8 times a year and alternating between Barrie Hill and Speedside fellowship halls, we try to have an informal and community focused gathering. Generally, people gather on a Friday at the evening meal time and share in 90 minute fellowship. The young at heart focused stories and crafts allow everyone to participate and share in a fun meal. See the Pastoral Charge announcements for time and locations.


CONNECT29CONNECT29 is a Pastoral Charge Commission that is focusing on exploring the strengths and needs of both our virtual community and our bricks and mortar community. Our goal is to create safe third spaces for our entire community.  We are blessed to have strong worship communities and we want this spirit to reach out into our traditional two worshipping communities and into our virtual community with our unique rural approach. We want to share our worship on line so that any boundaries that exist that hinder someone from worshipping with us are broken down. We want to build on the needs found in our community and help the efforts underway to build strong relationships and connections on road 29.  We want to highlight these efforts as well as support them. We hope to explore faith and wellness development and the challenges our unique rural community faces. We hope to offer connections between the community members and spiritual and faith opportunities, therapies and professionally supported initiatives, and to connect our communities to organically developed groups. We hope to share with the virtual and brick and mortar communities all that we offer and all we can offer on road 29.

Current Commissioners

Susan Frasson, Wale Shamonda Gordon, Glenda Rose, Renee Cox, Paul Knierim, Tim Card, Gordon Dunk.

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Barrie Hill United Church is a CRA Registered Charity. Business Number: 869071290RR0001

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